The benefits of moving your Infrastructure to the Cloud

With all the talk of cloud computing today, it can be helpful to take a step back and really understand what the cloudcloud platform is and why it matters to your business.  Some compelling new business models are emerging for partners as they leverage the cloud to reduce their own costs of providing and maintaining infrastructure to their customers. By shifting to a per-user or per-instance business model, partners can maintain and grow margins while offering customers usage-based pricing. Deploying in the cloud offers a range of additional benefits:

Fast time-to-market: Automated/fast provisioning of infrastructure, applications, and services means you can build and deploy customer solutions fast.

Elastic scale: With the cloud, you can deliver complete flexibility, with the ability to easily and quickly scale compute and storage to meet changing demands.

Global/regional availability: The cloud enables you to instantly expand to a global infrastructure by leveraging Microsoft’s geo-redundant datacenters.

Consumption-based billing: Deliver customers an affordable pay-as-you-go service and build revenue and margins through value-added consulting and services. At the same time, the cloud enables you to avoid your own infrastructure capital expense, providing an easy to way to scale the infrastructure needed to serve customers.

Many small and midsize organizations are adopting a hybrid approach, choosing to deploy in the cloud for some workloads to gain greater agility, a lower IT management burden, and savings on capital expenditures. Then for other workloads, they choose on-premises deployment for a greater level of direct control and customization, along with a larger up-front investment and more hands-on management.

Youcc technologies is a gold partner of Microsoft, which  is the only vendor that offers a complete platform for delivering customer solutions across on-premises, virtualization, and the cloud—providing a single, consistent set of tools and resources for building applications once and deploying in the best way that meets the customer need.
Adoption of cloud services is gaining momentum with SMBs.