Microsoft Azure data Backup solutions in the cloud

Data backup in the cloud
azure backupYoucc Technologies provides easy, scalable data backup Solutions in the cloud for a range of applications and workloads, such as file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Exchange with Improved data protection and encrypted backups stored on Azure’s global geo-redundant datacenters.

120 recovery points
It offers long-term archival with 120 recovery points that enable longer retention periods, ranging from 120 days (for daily backups) up to 9 years (for monthly backups). This is an important capability for legal discovery—keeping historical copies of files and data can be essential if a legal issue arises and historical information needs to be referenced.

Encrypted backups & Data protection
Microsoft Azure Backup cloud platform relied upon by some of the world’s largest financial institutions with encrypted backups and global, geo-redundant datacenters.
Avoid backup media. hardware and restoration Costs
By leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure, you can avoid capital expense for hardware and the cost of backup media. You also have no costs associated with restoring data.

Consistent management tools
Microsoft Azure Backup offers a uniquely consistent platform for managing your backups, whether on-premises or cloud. It integrates with the in-box backup program in Microsoft Windows Server (or System Center Data Protection Manager); it is driven by familiar PowerShell scripting language, and it is fully integrated with the Azure Management Portal for sign-up, billing, and web-based management.

Powerful data recovery and backup features
Our Azure based solution provide convenient data recovery features : point-in-time recovery and file-level recovery, flexible data retention policies, data compression, and data transfer throttling.