EVOD™ manages all video content produced by the enterprise and makes it available to employees, customers, and partners, both within a custom portal and via plug-ins that fit into existing portals.

Organizations can now deploy a full life cycle of mobilized, distributed enterprise media including control and broadcast to all organizations’ clients. Using advanced workflow control, EVOD™ allows customizing the process of creating, uploading and publishing enterprise video subject to organization’s business rules.


The system contains multilayer workflow control for managing content uploading processes defining user types, administrators and different permissions in the system, along with advanced social media capabilities.


EVOD™ was created and designed to serve in an Enterprise environment, and as such it contains references for information security and work processes, conforming the needs of a large, distributed organizations both on-premises or cloud models.


EVOD™ customized video player maximizes viewer’s experience in variety of platforms using mobile-ready technology & detection. Our HTML5 streaming technology is the most advanced available today.

Technology & Excellence

Product development was accompanied by Microsoft®, utilizing the most advanced video streaming technologies & infrastructure available today positioning EVOD™ “Best of Breed” winning second place in the Exhibition of Excellence competition for integrated solutions at “TechReady 15” in Seattle.

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Product Functionality

Video Management

Life cycle digital media management, from object creation to expiration, archive or purge. Seamless association and tagging for search subjects, viewing validation process, defining relevancy based on the time parameter and more.

Transcoding & Streaming

Our advanced encoding and streaming capabilities supports real-time bandwidth adjustments of streaming rate, ensuring constant viewing experience.

Mobile & HTML5

Support of multiple formats and adjustment for varied handheld devices such as Tablets and Smartphones.

Video Analytics

Extensive reports and statistics including videos-per-category, views-per-video, report of videos unauthorized for publication, most viewed videos and more.


Advanced workflow process allowing validating videos publication including setting multiple validators and required approval types conforming video object’s sensitivity.


Adjustment of the video portal design, selecting thumbnail image and placement, promotion of favorite videos and adjustment of the general UI.


Departmentalization management delivering detailed system permissions management up to the single item.

Distributed Streaming, Multi-branch

Streaming capabilities expansion module while connecting to a CDN system in favor of working with remote locations and multi-branch organizations.

Allocation Control

Control over the number of concurrent users and the message delivered to the user in case the system has reached its allocated limit.

Load Balance

Supporting Hardware Load Balancer such as WSD for reallocating loads and defining the website local survivability (HA) and between sites (DRP).

Search Standards

Support of standard SP search and advanced FAST based search. Wide search capabilities, search by multiple keywords, video length, rating, viewing numbers etc.


Option for push notification registration of adding content sorted by category, participants and more.