YOUCC provides and setup and 1st ever Active Directory Recovery with Forest Inside™ technology.

Forest Inside – You are granted for a full FOREST backup; included in the basic license.
Active Directory (AD) is subject to failures due to human errors, malicious activity and software or hardware failures. Semperis ID-PRO for Active Directory protection and maintenance service keeps AD running by performing on-going proactive maintenance and monitoring activities to ensure the unconditional preparedness for any emergency and maintaining corporation’s critical business operations.


Full Forest Recovery

Recover from database corruptions, schema extension failures and cyber-attacks within minutes through a wizard-based service which will guide you through the process. Semperis is the only fully automatic, zero touch service with guaranteed RTO of minutes

Cyber mode recovery

Semperis Cyber-Mode recovery feature enables you to address recovery scenarios which are a result of a security compromise in the environment. Cyber-mode recovery service gives you the ability to revoke any previous access gained by the attacker, making sure your restored environment is safe and secured

Change Management

Enforce a change management process of “non-standard” changes in the environment, optionally requiring any major change to be performed in “Isolation Mode” and released to production following verification.

DR Testing and Validation

Semperis will automatically test your Disaster Recovery process validity, performing an “Isolated” full recovery to make sure the backup can be restored and configured successfully.

Change Rules and Alerts

Be notified of significant and “non-standard” changes aligned to Semperis best practices, environment “standard” behavior analyzed over time and customized rules.

Health Monitoring

emperis performs pro-active health state monitoring aligned to industry best practices and ongoing environment analysis. Actionable alerts are provided, reducing the resolution time of any AD related issues.

Recovery Time in Minutes

Recovering your environment in minutes, reducing the hours or even days of downtime required by traditional recovery processes, allows your organization to seamlessly resume its business operations even in worst case scenarios.